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Computer Learning With Educational Software

Educational software has been around for generations, long before just about every household in the country became the proud owners of desktop computers, laptop computers, tablet computers and smart phones . . . educational software really does go back years.

The educational software of today is, of course, much more diverse and readily available, but flight simulators were teaching would be pilots how to control the joystick way back in the 1940’s, even some of the names are the same. Okay, back in the days of WWII the educational software was used on analog computers, but from little acorns and all that . . . I think the phenomenal growth of “the mighty oak tree” ie personal computers and educational software can really speak for itself, don’t you?

Okay, I said speak for itself, this sounds more like a robot, but then again, all kids like robots, don’t they?

Educational Software in Schools

One place where educational software really has made a niche for itself is in schools, in fact, it’s difficult to imagine how children managed to learn anything without a special piece of educational software to help the teacher out. Lots of this type of educational software is actually great fun (well, if learning is fun then you do learn more quickly, it’s been scientifically proven by people with clipboards and Principal types), so lots of educational software programs are actually games. What . . . playing games at school . . . it would never have happened in my day! Life is so unfair on so many levels, don’t you think?

Educational Software at Home

Educational software also has a very valuable place in the home. Well, let’s face it, if the majority of school aged kids are spending their entire lives in front of a computer screen (they will get square eyes you know . . . you must encourage them to take at least a small break every hour or so, if you possibly can, I find that the smell of bacon frying is about the only technique which works in our house, and then it’s only for a minute or two). Right, where was I . . . oh yes, educational software in the home. Well, if kids are gonna’ spend all of their awake hours in front of the computer they might as well be learning something while they’re at it, and lots of the latest educational software can teach them things without them even realizing it. They’re not complete “geeky boffins” these computer software developers you know, some of them are quite human and know all about what people want, and what people need, and if you can put the two together then “bingo” you’ve cracked it. These days, everybody is getting in on the act . . .


  • Sesame Street Educational Software Games – who wouldn’t like to play games with Ernie, Bert, Big Bird and Cookie Monster, playing and learning as they go? Okay, maybe your 12 year old wouldn’t be too keen, but how about those who are a little younger. There are lots of great educational software programs for older kids too, not forgetting the adults (you’re never too old to learn you know, when you stop learning you stop living).
  • Educational Software for Toddlers, Kindergarten and Pre-school. There’s a great selection of educational software games which are easy to master for younger students, yet great fun and (though I say so myself and I’m way beyond that age group) more than a little bit addictive.
  • Grade School Educational Software.
  • Middle and High School Educational Software – admittedly some of this stuff is a little more focussed on the learning, and less on the playing, but hey, you can’t just play all of your life you know, life isn’t one long game (now I’m scaring myself, I’ve begun to sound like my Grandmother).
  • Learn To Do Something Educational Software – the list here is almost endless, if you want to learn a new skill or technique, then the chances are that there’ll be some educational software to help you on your way. Whether you want to speak Chinese, learn to type, learn American sign language, how to play the guitar or how to play chess. You get my drift, if you wanna’ learn something new then check out the available educational software to get you on your way.


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